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SharePoint IT4E is now partnered with ProTech Training Solutions. ProTech specializes in corporate education and offers both live and virtual classes to fit your specific training requirements. With over 500 courses in a variety of subjects, ProTech will be sure to meet your training needs. To find out more, visit our Training page.

Our learning center is located in 13939 Gold Circle Lower Level, Omaha, NE.

Please contact our training center staff by phone or email with questions, comments, or suggestions. We are here to help you.

  • Main Number: (402) 431-5432
  • Sandie Canick, Office Administration: (402) 431-5432

  • On the Project Training

    SharePoint These training sessions vary from general theory topics on all areas of programming and application development to platform and problem-specific areas unique to your enterprise. A popular option is to retain one of our consultants to guide your team through the prototype phase of a real world project. We would guide and mentor your team as they build a prototype of a useful system. At the end of the process your team has learned new skills and you have the first phase of a real application done.

    Structured Learning Programs

    SharePoint This service is much like the education and training described above, but on a smaller scale and less formal. You can retain one of our consultants for short periods of time to provide you or members of your organization with guidance and advice on all areas of IT, the field of Computer Science and the consulting profession.