Sustainable IT Solutions




Via SharePoint

SharePoint SharePoint is a product that interfaces with many other products and technologies. Because of SharePoint's extensive capabilities and customizable applications, truly effective SharePoint consultants must have a broad background and experience base that includes system administration and architecture, software development and database management systems. SharePoint projects are almost always very unique to the enterprise that engages our services. Our team consists of very experienced IT professionals that have the right communications and analytical skills to define and document business requirements a critical success factor in any SharePoint project. We can then make those business requirements a reality.

Via Solutions Consulting

Solutions Consulting You may have several systems already in place. And individually each one may be doing a good job. But if they cannot exchange data with each other you still have the problems of duplicate data entry, manual information consolidation and cross-system data quality. For example, if a customer changes her address and notifies your billing department, does the shipping department find out about this before the customer calls to ask about the whereabouts of the new order? This is where our systems integration services can help. By applying techniques such as inter-application messaging and data cataloging and building solutions employing tools like Web services and XML, we can link your disparate systems to increase operational efficiency and accuracy, with a positive contribution to the bottom line.

Via Management of Information

Workflow Diagram Information by itself is only moderately useful. To be used more effectively, information needs to flow through your organization with consistency, accuracy and timeliness. Workflow applications enable management and flow of useful information from department to department and from person to person. Workflow applications can bring about productivity gains in the tasks they automate by facilitating a major reduction in processing delays. We enhance the framework by which people can work together smoothly and efficiently. We collaborate with you as we design workflow applications that know which tasks and procedures to apply to which types of information in order to increase throughput and reduce human error.

Data Modeling is the first step in turning data into information. Data by itself is meaningless. We take facts and figures you wish to collect and imbue them with context in a comprehensive and expressive database design. Data given context is information. This transformation is enabled by our discussion of the strategic goals of your business with executives and our learning about the operational details of day-to-day life from your employees.

Database Implementation is the second step in turning data into information. Given a comprehensive and expressive data model, we will build databases, data warehouses and/or data marts and supporting systems that you can use to harvest the new information and to meet your goals. The specifics of database implementation vary for every client. Typically we build databases in SQL Server on Windows platform.

A corporate intranet or corporate portal is an excellent enabling platform for distributed systems and workflow-based applications. Extend the intranet to external business partners and vendors via a secure extranet and you have the facility to provide data and information throughout your enterprise.

Via Custom Software Development

.NET Training If you decide to build, how do you go about doing it? We can build it for you, supplement or manage your existing team, or even teach your people how to build it for themselves. Whether it's a browser-based intranet tool, a distributed application system (using your network and the Internet but not running in a browser), or an old-school client/server program, you'll benefit from our expertise.

Via Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing

Dashboard Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehousing provides executive end users with the information they need to make strategic business decisions. Our consultants utilize Microsoft's BI toolkit to create dashboards and reports which enable company decision-makers to analyze and respond to business data. Data is prepared with Integration Services, cubes are created and analyzed with Analysis Services, reports are generated with Reporting Services, and dashboards are integrated with SharePoint and PowerPivot. Our consultants follow proven requirements gathering techniques to help determine the specific requirements of your BI project with these three key steps:

  1. Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Decision Touchstones
  2. Establish and Manage Metrics
  3. Design and Develop Dashboards

Via IT Strategy

Training Technology is always changing. How do you avoid technology obsolescence and plan for the future? What can you do today for immediate benefit and for future returns? IT4E can help you answer questions like these. You don't have to go it alone!

Via Over-the-Shoulder Implementation and Follow-up

Training Unlike many firms, IT4E doesn’t just provide solutions and say "adios." From start to finish, IT4E’s consultants monitor user understanding and use of solutions. This over-the-shoulder approach is our investment in your people and organization to insure continued success after we have gone. Our methodology reduces post-installation errors, increasing performance and satisfaction.